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Conviction is a powerful and dynamic short film built into an awareness raising package looking at the issues around radicalisation and violent extremism.

The product is a unique tool designed to give audiences a chance to gain understanding through discussion and debate. The film is based on the life of Isa Ibrahim who was given an indeterminate life sentence in July 2009 under the Terrorism Act for planning to commit a terrorist attack in the city of Bristol.

The film focuses on a brief period of time leading up to his arrest. It provides a short insight into his radicalisation whilst exploring opportunities missed that might have deterred him from his chosen path. Most of the film is based upon incidents from Isa’s life but for the purpose of the story a few scenes have been fictionalised.

The film is twenty minutes long and designed to be shown alongside the accompanying facilitation material to raise awareness of radicalisation and violent extremism with regards to vulnerable people. The whole package takes approximately one and half hours to complete and can be shown to a range of audiences, from community groups and students to police and other agencies.

The awareness raising package which accompanies the film is designed to be facilitated with the help and support of a recognised professional within the area of radicalisation and vulnerable people. They should be familiar with the current Government guidance and confident responding to questions from the audience on local or more sensitive issues.

To request a copy of the package including facilitator’s notes, lesson plan and the DVD, please contact us and fill out the form.